Dos and Don’ts of Your Online Dating Profile


Luck does not fall upon everyone that embarks on finding love through interracial dating sites or millionaire dating sites. The popularity of digital dating can actually make it more difficult to get noticed and be matched with the person of your dreams. More often than not one of the reasons why singles failed to find the type of person they are looking for is because of mistakes that they are making with their dating profile. Below are some dos and don’ts of writing your dating profile that can make all the difference in your success with online dating.

-DO Include a variety of pictures. Too many singles today tend to focus on putting their best self-taken photograph online. Your dating profile should consist of at least 3 to 5 pictures of yourself at different angles and doing different activities. The more diversity you can offer the better view of you as an individual potential matches will get.

-DON’T Promote habits, exes, or family in pictures. The absolute worst kind of pictures you can put online are those that are promoting certain types of habits like drinking or smoking. Also avoid putting up pictures on your dating profile that still show your ex or even those that consist of your family. You want to focus on just showing off you as you are.

-DO Write a catchy headline.  The headline to your dating profile is something that every other user is going to see before any other part of your profile. Take some time to come up with something that is catchy or funny, or at the very least describes you. It might only be one sentence but it’s one sentence that can be the difference between someone clicking on your profile and learning more about you and someone passing on you completely.

-DON’T Be negative.  A big mistake that a lot of singles make today is being negative in their online profile.

Everyone can agree that online dating can seem stressful and maybe even a hassle. However, it is the way that things are today. Posting on your profile asking whether or not it is even worth it to be there sends the wrong message to potential matches. Keep the negativity at bay and you will automatically see more results.

-DO Keep your profile informative but short.  Keeping your profile short and sweet can be highly beneficial. No one gets online wanting to read a long-winded profile that you spent hours writing. Your profile should be short and informative. Stick to basics about who you are, your interests, your goals in life, your desires in a relationship, and your ideal match. This will give all the necessary information to an interested party to help them decide whether they should contact you or not.

-DON’T be too specific. Every single individual in the world has a specific type of person they are looking for. It is important that when you craft your dating profile on black women white men dating sites or millionaire dating sites you are not too specific that you actually negate out potential matches that might be one step shy of your ideal option. For example, just because you prefer a man with blue eyes doesn’t mean you should say that in your profile. Be open to meeting all types of men because you truly never know who will spark your interest and prove worthy of a long-term relationship.

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