4 Tips to Get Yourself Viewed by a Millionaire


When it comes to online dating, singles are constantly fighting with a mass of other singles to be seen by their ideal match. Some single black women might go months on a millionaire dating site without getting any attention despite their staggering beauty. Getting yourself viewed by the right millionaires is nothing more than learning to beat the system and bait the perfect match with your profile. Four tips that will get you viewed are as followed:

Use bright, full body photographs. The most attractive and eye-catching photos online are those that stand out for their use of bright colors. A professionally shot photograph of yourself should consist of a natural background – bonus if it is the outdoors. Try to wear something that is sleek and sexy but also colored. For example, a red dress worn against outdoor landscape will stand out beautifully and draw the attention of potential suitors.

Make minor updates to your profile daily. The way online dating sites are programmed to work is that users who are new or who have made updates are shown first in search results. You can easily beat the system by making minor updates to your profile every day. This can be as simple as updating what you are looking for, your interests and hobbies, or tweaking your About section. Any minor change will register with the system and boost your ranking to generate more views.

Highlight your best self in your About section. Having a catchy headline or a great profile picture is one way to get yourself noticed but the about section is what really counts. This is the section of your dating profile read take a few minutes to talk about all the best features of yourself. It is pretty typical for single women to highlight what they are looking for and their own interests. To give your profile a boost and make it less generic when compared to your competition, follow this simple format: Start with two sentences that highlight yourself. Next, include three sentences about your personality and interests. Third, two or three sentences that tell an interesting or funny story about yourself. Lastly, two or three sentences that identify the type of man you are interested in and what type of relationship you would like to pursue.

Be open to new ideas and concepts. Millionaire relationships can take many forms. An individual who is blessed with wealth is likely to have a vast array of interests. Most commonly these can include everything from travel and art to the financial world. Part of being in a relationship with such a dynamic individual includes sharing some of their interests. With this in mind you need to be open to new ideas and concepts. There is a likelihood that you will be introduced to any number of different things that are not part of your normal comfort zone. The more open and engaged you are in their lifestyle the more appealing you are to a millionaire.

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