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Here, at White Millionaire Dating, we have thousands of rich white singles looking for interesting people who have a similar lifestyle as them. Here you fill find people with different career, sensibilities, values, and aim. But all are connected with one desire—the desire to meet and bond with other rich white singles. Some are interested in casual friendship while some others are looking for a meaningful relationship. We heartily welcome rich white women and rich white men from all over the world to come to our website, which has made rich white men dating and rich white women dating easier than before.

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Help others to know more about you by filling your profile thoroughly. List your hobbies, likes, dislikes, and all other important details about you. This will help others learn more about you and decide if you are the special person they are looking for. Just like others can pick you, you too can go through the profiles of others and invite interested people for a chat and then take things forward from there. Who knows, you might meet your perfect mate with your very first invitation!

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Success Stories

  • Couldn't be any better

    i was single for about 7 years and my cousin kept telling my about the website so one day i decided to try it. I met my fiance late October and in December he asked me to marry him. And i said YES... wedding will be in Sep of this year.

  • He's my Richard Gere

    HI- I’ve been on this site for 3 years. My Daughter was the one who set me up on this site originally and wrote about me and my personality. I met my fair share of women and even traveled some distances as well. Last year I met someone in Pittsburg and we hit it off right away and later she decided to go back to her X boyfriend and give it another shot.

  • I found my love here on this site! Thank you!

    Here is the quickly summary. I met Holly (wildeh1) on your website in October, 2012. After corresponding via email, she gave me her number and I called her. After hitting it off over the phone, we agreed to meet for breakfast (Thursday) near her house. We instantly fell in love. On the very next day, I was heading out of town for a soccer tournament in Arizona...

  • My Dream, Soulmate, And My Love...

    Brett lives in Oregon, I live in Florida. He flew to see me for three days and two nights. He flew over 7 hours and we met at The Hyatt, Sarasota in the lobby for lunch and as soon we looked into each others eyes, we knew right away it was meant to be.