Complaints Among White Millionaire Dating


Whether you are a rich single looking for a real relationship or are a person interested in marrying a rich man or woman, one thing is for certain: white millionaire dating can be very difficult to get past the class difference. Even if you determine that money doesn’t matter, lifestyle changes can sometimes get in the way of a traditional romance. One thing that might help is understanding the point of view of a wealthy man or woman and how they see the dating world. Consider these four oft-repeated complaints about dating someone who’s outside of your income level.

1.“He wants me to buy everything!”
While it’s true that money shouldn’t matter, it is a very pretentious move for the lower-income person to assume that the higher-income person will always be picking up the tab. The respectful thing to do is to offer to pay for your share and maybe even treat your millionaire partner once in a while. This shows you that you are not using the person as a free meal ticket but take money issues seriously.

2.“She’s always broke.”
It sucks that poverty is still an issue in America. And many rich singles don’t care that a person is lower income—unless of course it makes dating a pain. If a person is always broke, can’t afford to eat at a nice restaurant, can’t afford gas money or is always in debt, it doesn’t seem very attractive to a rich person who just wants to have a normal conversation that doesn’t go back to money.

3.“Why does he dress like a slob?”
Even lower income singles should strive to look their best and the wealthy elite do prefer that their date take care of themselves physically and in grooming. This means wearing clothes and hairstyles that are modern and associated with formal or semi-formal public events. For example, even though a wealthy older woman might find a younger man attractive, she would not be impressed if he dressed in a t-shirt, torn baggy jeans and so on. A suit or a semi-formal shirt and tie would be a good look. Similarly, women hoping to snag a rich man would be wise to wear blush, mascara and lipstick even during less formal occasions. It shows self-respect and allows to you walk with confidence.

4.“She’s all looks…no substance.”
This is a common reaction and let’s face it—the more money you have and the more fame and power you command, the more pretty faces you see every single day. Therefore, many rich singles, who are accustomed to working with attractive people, look for some depth when they decide they want to pursue a romantic relationship. Some celebrities are well known to entertain groupies, escorts and the like. Therefore, looks clearly don’t matter to them as much as an interesting personality. Don’t treat a relationship with a millionaire like a game. Treat the other person with respect and give them an insight into the real you.

You may be surprised to know you can find love and happiness with someone who is from a “different world” on millionaire dating sites. You can still share the same values, morals and outlooks and that’s more important than peripheral differences.

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